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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back From My Long Hiatus

Whoa, it's been ages since I wrote my first (and only) post. Some of you guys (who had nothing better to do than read my crappy blog) might think, 'Gosh, is this girl lazy or what?', but I assure you my laziness has got nothing to do with why I stopped writing. OK, so that's not entirely true, I admit I am a lazybone, but the thing is I forgot what's my Google account and I just can't be arsed to try to remember it. That is, until today. Hehe. So here I am, forcing myself to write something decent and err, productive, maybe? Duh, I've only just written a few sentences and yet I think I'm getting a writer's block!

So for those of you who guys who's been anticipating to know about the updates of my life (as if!), here goes the list:

1) I've been in the UK, Nottingham to be exact, since last September to study Chemistry

2) Sometimes I still think I think I'm not used to the gloominess and coldness of England's weather even though I've stayed here for 6 months (technically just 5 months, see point 3)

3) Both of my brothers had gotten married in December last year. After a few tense, crazy days of my life I managed to find some last minute plane ticket to go back home, and in the end it's all worthwhile (hence the one month absence from the UK)

4) I am currently addicted to e-bay. Seriously, I can't stop bidding (and winning!) things that I don't really need and probably never gonna use. I kept checking my e-bay account every 5 mins and I even dream about e-bay when I sleep! I know should stop, but somehow the force of the dark side is stronger! (You know what I mean)

5) Apparently, my impulsive-buying habit has gotten a bit out of control. Like the other day, I bought this purple expensive tennis outfit (a really cute one albeit!) after seeing Maria Sharapova wore it on tv. I mean, what are the odds I'm going to play tennis? Sure, I could hit a ball or two, but then I need lots and lots of very patient ball-picker as the tennis balls are bound to be very likely to spend more time outside of the tennis court than inside it!

6) You guys will probably think I am a heartless, ungrateful person, but I think I miss my cats more than I miss my parents and family. Well, it's probably because I could always speak to my family through the phone whenever I feel like I'm missing them, but the cats, try as they might, they can't really speak, can they? So it figures!

7) Lately my social life is practically nonexistent! I think that's why I kept checking my e-bay account every 5 mins (refer point 4). Well, come to think of it, I've been checking my Friendster and Myspace account quite a lot too! Seriously, I need to get a life!

8) My new year resolution this year was (note the use of past tense) to drink at least 2 litres plain water every single day, but it only lasted until 4th January. LOL! I know, who am I kidding?! What makes me think I can drink plain water when I've been living off sodas my whole life? Besides, 2 litres water will make me pee like every 20 mins!

9) I think I might consider working, besides sleeping of course, as a way of killing time during my Easter vacation. That is, after my trip to Paris!

10) I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK TO MALAYSIA DURING THE SUMMER! WOOHOO!!! Looking forward to hanging out with my loud and lovely cousins and friends! Home sweet home, here I come! (Well, not for another 4 months. Duh!)

I think I've written quite a lot for a girl who prefers to speak rather than write. So as for now, asta la vista baby! (Gosh, that is so totally Arnold Schwarzenwhatever!)