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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Take That : Are They Back For Good?

Well, I just finished watching Take That For The Record. God, I totally forgot how famous they were and how much I used to adore them! C'mon, dont tell me u've never heard of Take That. Even my mom knows a thing or two about them. All teens who grew up during the 90's must know them. Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald. Ring any bells? Anyway, just in case some of u have never had the privilege to sing along to their tunes, here's the 411: They were like totally the biggest and most successful British band ever since The Beatles, even bigger than Spice Girls and Boyzone! HA! They were so famous that hundreds of girls were chasing them anywhere they went, climbing their hotel's windows just to take a peek at the guys, and some even pretended to be the hotel's staffs so that they could meet them up close! Pretty wild, huh?

Anyway, Take That phenomenon started way back in 1991. They had a total of eight consecutive number one hits in the UK singles chart. But I didnt know them until 1994. I know, I was only 8 but I happen to have an older sister who played their records endlessly (and bless her for that) that even I, the whole 8 years of me, fall in love with their songs. And the fact that the boys happen to be easy on the eyes doesnt hurt either. Hehe. I used to have the biggest crush on Jason, but somewhere along the line I decided to make Gary as the object of my affection. And my sis fancied the pants off Mark (not literally, mind u!)

I still remember the two of us would sit in front of the tv for hours watching their concert, Live in Wembley, over and over again. Well, I guess sitting wouldn't be the appropriate word since we were actually dancing and singing along with the boys like there's no tomorrow. Lol! It's really funny now that I think of it. But funny or not, back on those days, I totally loved their songs, especially Relight My Fire, How Deep Is Your Love and Back For Good.

But unfortunately, all good things must come to and end. Robbie left the band in 1995 but Take That continued as a four piece for yet another year. Then, they finally announced the bad news that they were splitting and this broke the hearts of millions of fans worldwide (including my sis and I), to an extent that 24 hours suicide hotlines were actually being set up around the UK to cope with fans' grief (told ya they were a huge success!). I think the girls couldn't cry their eyes out more than they did that time, or unless those 'Fab 5' died in a plane crash.

But somehow until this day, even though the band had broken up for 10 years, I still know all their songs by heart and couldn't help singing along to it if I happen to hear them. I'd say without a doubt that they have changed the UK music industry (even the world, perhaps?) and inspired a cycle of manufactured Pop acts that came to dominate the music industry of the next decade such as Westlife, Blue, and blah blah blah.

P.S: Good for them to start touring again, even though it's quite a shame that Robbie won't be joining them.